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Plank Firm

The firmest, flattest, and most supportive sleep

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Add GlacioTex™️ Cooling Cover

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Firmly ACA Endorsed

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) concluded that the mattress’s firm support reduces spinal stress, improves lumbar support, and alleviates back pain 

Firmest Mattress on the Market 

Never feel your back dip and never opt for the floor again. The extra firm support (a ten on the firmness scale) will keep you firmly supported all night long

Flippable All-Foam 

If your extra firm mattress feels too firm, simply flip the mattress to achieve a medium-firm feel. Flip for firm or firmest—the choice is yours. (Plus, the flippable design improves the longevity of the mattress.) 

Time-honored Sleep Design 

Our firm design is borrowed from the wisdom of the ancients who slept on firm pads or tatami mats. Our design offers all the benefits of these time-honored traditions while providing a more modern look


High Density Foams 

Our foams are thick and dense (and made with the highest quality materials!) to give you firm support while soothing hips and shoulders for long-lasting and restorative sleep 

Breathable Materials

Fall sleep and stay asleep with the ideal temperature from foams that sport open cell technology to wick away excess body heat. Breathe easy and deep while enjoying naturally cooling sleep

Perfect Spinal Alignment

Feel aches and pains melt away thanks to the superior spinal alignment found in our oh-so-supportive foam layers. Each foam layer is carefully crafted and placed to give you support where you need it most 

Upgrade to Ultra Cool 

Hot sleepers and sleep partners find relief with our optional GlacioTex™ cooling cover. This cool-to-the-touch design offers instant cooling to banish heat and restore long-lasting cool sleep



Optional: GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover (Extra Firm Side)

Upgrade and enjoy cooling on contact for a never too hot, never too cold sleep experience, night after night


.75” Quilted Top

Our quilted top layer ensures zero loft with continuous patterned stitching to safeguard your extra firm sleep


6” High-Density Support Foam

Our high-density support layer is our firmest support foam with the added benefit of deep compression support


2” Supreme Response Comfort Foam

Our hyper-elastic Supreme Response Comfort Foam is crafted to be firm with enough contouring for a firm feel


.75” Quilted Bottom

Our quilted top layer sports track-and-jump stitching to ensure a minimal loft for a traditionally firm feel


Optional: GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover (Firm Side)

Upgrade and enjoy cooling on contact for a never too hot, never too cold sleep experience, night after night


Plank Firm Luxe

A firm, flat, and healthy sleep in a hybrid design

Brooklyn Bedding Plank Firm Luxe Mattress

Plank Firm

The firmest, flattest, and most supportive sleep

Brooklyn Bedding Plank Firm Mattress


Twin - $924

Twin XL - $1,024

Full - $1,174

Queen - $1,532

King - $1,732

Cal King - $1,732

Twin - $749

Twin XL - $849

Full - $999

Queen - $1,332

King - $1,532

Cal King - $1,532


13.25” Tall, 6 Layers

10.25” Tall, 4 Layers


6” individually encased ascension firm coils

6” high-density base foam core


Quilted top weave with high-density support foam, Supreme Response Comfort Foam and a core of 6" individually encased ascension firm coils

Quilted top weave with high-density base foam and Supreme Response Comfort Foam

Mattress Cover

A quilted layer, patterned with continuous stitching, ensures zero loft for an firm sleep experience

Optional: GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover

A quilted layer, patterned with continuous stitching, ensures zero loft for an firm sleep experience

Optional: GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover


10-Year Warranty
10-Year Warranty


“Our Editor’s Pick is the Plank mattress from Brooklyn Bedding, a flippable mattress with one side that is ‘Firm’ (or 8 on the 1-10 firmness scale) and another side that is ‘Extra Firm’ (or 10).”


“Those in the market for a firm bed now have a dual-sided choice…well-supported and comfortable in Plank, a new product from Brooklyn Bedding.”


“The Plank by Brooklyn Bedding mattress is the firmest 2-sided bed on the market.”




The height of the Plank Firm mattress is 11.75”. An illustration of the mattress with details for each layer is found on the product page, along with a full product description.
The flippable design of the Plank Firm mattress allows you to choose your ideal firmness level. A .75” quilted top layer, patterned with continuous stitching, ensures zero loft for an ultra-firm sleep experience. Or, flip the mattress, and a 1.5” quilted layer, patterned with tack-and-jump stitching, creates minimal loft for a firm sleep experience. Next level firmness can be achieved by eliminating the mattress altogether and sleeping directly on the floor. You will, however, lose some of the pressure point relief that comes with sleeping on an actual mattress.
The weight of the mattress and its dimensions vary by selection. The Plank Firm mattress weighs between 60-105 pounds. Dimensions for mattress sizes can be found in the graphic here:

Any type of support system that provides minimal to no flex will work with our mattress. This includes most platform, slat, and box spring foundations. If you need a foundation for your new mattress, check out our foundations specifically designed for Brooklyn Bedding mattresses here.
The Plank Firm features a breathable quilted top on either side of the mattress, coupled with open cell technology throughout the foam layers, to help ensure a neutral temperature environment.

For even greater temperature moderation, a cooling panel can be added to the Plank Firm mattress as an optional feature—just look for the “ADD GLACIOTEX™️ COOLING COVER” option on the right side of the product page when making your selection. Once you add this feature to your mattress, the GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover will be sewn into the surface of the mattress to moderate temperature while delivering ultimate cooling on contact.
Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are designed to be used on foundations with solid support with minimal to no flex. This includes slatted wood or metal foundations with slats no more than 4" apart, wood or metal box foundations, and solid wood or metal platforms.
The GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover is an optional feature that does not impact the comfort, firmness level, or support of the Plank Firm mattress. What it does affect is temperature moderation—providing cooling relief on contact. This added feature can be especially important to sleepers who tend to experience night sweats or otherwise sleep too hot. Because the optional GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover is sewn into the surface of the mattress, the height of the mattress remains 11.75” tall.
Most Brooklyn Bedding mattresses should be rotated every 6 to 8 months but never flipped (or inverted). Our mattresses are designed with comfort layers on top and support layers on bottom, including individually encased coils in hybrid models. We also use higher quality materials that last much longer than traditional mattresses. The exceptions to the “no flip” rule are the Plank Firm and Plank Firm Luxe mattresses by Brooklyn Bedding, the EcoSleep by Brooklyn Bedding and the Propel Dual-Sided All-Foam and Propel Dual-Sided Hybrid mattresses by Brooklyn Bedding. These mattresses are designed with varying firmness levels on either side of the mattress and can be flipped to customize your sleep experience.
On a scale of 1 to 10, the firm side of the Plank Firm mattress ranges between 7.5-9. This ranking is slightly above a traditional firm mattress. The ultra-firm side ranges between 9.5-10.5—meaning it’s the firmest, flattest sleep surface on the market. To put that in perspective, next level firmness could only be achieved by sleeping directly on the floor with no pressure point relief.
The Plank Firm by Brooklyn Bedding is an all-foam mattress—and the firmest sleep experience on the market. (Next level firmness could only be achieved by eliminating the mattress altogether and sleeping directly on the floor.) Meanwhile, the Plank Firm Luxe by Brooklyn Bedding is constructed with added foam layers and individually encased coils to deliver greater pressure point relief and responsiveness. Both mattresses are flippable, which allows you to choose between a firm and extra-firm side. Many customers with a sleep partner do opt for the Plank Firm Luxe to ensure a more comfortable sleep experience for both individuals.
The Plank Firm mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is engineered to be the firmest, flattest sleep possible. Edge support on both sides of the mattress will be firmer than a typical all-foam mattress.
All Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are designed to support up to 950 pounds. If you or your sleep partner weigh more than 300 pounds—and prefer more substantial support as well—you can check out the Titan Plus Mattress series by Brooklyn Bedding here.

If during your 120-night sleep trial (which begins once you have received your new mattress), you decide that you are not completely happy with your mattress and wish to return it, we will help dispose of your mattress and help you begin your return. 

Please allow 30 days to laps from the date of delivery before beginning the return process.

Customers are able to make use of this 120-night comfort trial on one occasion. The second occasion is not eligible for a return.

Please note: there is a $99 return fee for all mattress returns to cover the cost of picking up your mattress. We do our very best to donate, recycle, or otherwise repurpose all returned mattresses. 

Please contact us at support@brooklynbedding.com with “Return Request” in the subject line, and we will respond quickly to process your request. 

Please Note: No returns or exchanges will be offered on clearance items.


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